Clint Arthur Reviews of Luxury Hotel Rooms

Clint Arthur and Alison Savtich

Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur, and his wife Ali Savitch, are well-traveled people. Living the Celebrity Lifestyle is all about living High-Quality in all areas – and Clint & Ali embrace this 100%, from the work they do for their friends & students, to the Celebrities they hang out with, and the travels they embark on.

Naturally, as part of Clint transforming his students into Celebrity Entrepreneurs in the eyes of their customers & prospects, he encourages them to travel High-Quality – and as a lifetime Marriott Platinum/Titanium/Ambassador member, he knows what it’s like to travel at the highest level!

On this section of the Clint Arthur Reviews sites, you will see Clint Arthur giving an insider look into what the Celebrity Lifestyle is like, reviewing the luxury hotel rooms and suites he stays at in his travels, showing which hotels he recommends, and telling you first-hand whether they LIVE UP to the promised 5-star, high-quality experience he pays big money to get as a Celebrity Entrepreneur.

This is an important component of being a Celebrity Entrepreneur — living the lifestyle that allows you to Be More, Do More and Have More…

In Clint Arthur’s Own Words

“I go to a lot of VERY nice hotels all around the world, which has earned me top-level status with Marriott — and I enjoy it a lot! That’s because I transform Experts into Celebrities in the eyes of their customers & prospects. It’s really fun work, because it really does allow me to travel to a lot of great places.

If YOU are interested in becoming a Celebrity in the eyes of your customers & prospects, so you can get PAID like a Celebrity, have more Impact, Influence & Income, check out!”

Watch these review videos, and find out: are these places “Worth It” as resort accommodation?

Also, for more information of what really nice restaurants should be like, watch Clint’s Peter Luger Steakhouse review: Peter Luger Wears No Clothes

Luxury Hotel Reviews in USA

How do the greatest Luxury Hotels in America enable Clint to better help Experts have more Impact, Influence & Income?

W Hollywood’s “Fantastic Suite” #801

This W Hotel “Fantastic Suite” has a wonderful view of Hollywood Boulevard, the Capitol Records building, Pantages theater, Hollywood Hills, a large living room with cool furniture, king size bed large shower and that cool W Hotel hip style.

Bellagio Las Vegas, Penthouse Suite 31058
Bellagio Las Vegas, Grand Lakeview Suite 31001
Ritz-Carlton LA Junior Suite 2333
A Ritz-Carlton hotel with some questionable interior design choices as well as some very nice features and touches.
Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills Junior Suite 216
Take a look at this unique, updated boutique hotel which is part of the Marriott collection.
Westin Georgetown Suite 408 (D.C.)
Omni Dallas Suite 1702
Westin Lake Las Vegas Presidential Suite
FOOD: Don Pepi Pizza, Penn Station
“In my humble opinion — this is THE SOLE remaining genuine New York-style pizza in New York!”

Clint Arthur reviews hotels throughout Europe

Check out the suites that Clint Arthur stayed in on his Celebrity Lifestyle Marketing Tour throughout Europe — both the nice, and the not-so-nice. He payed the money and reviewed these suites so YOU don’t have to “beforehand”!

Shelbourne Dublin Suite 538 “Countess”
“You know what I like about this lovely suite? It’s a brand-new renovated room. I give TWO Thumbs Up to this suite.”
The Westin Paris Vendome “Royal Suite”

What does Clint say in his Westin Paris review?…

“One of the most charming hotels I’ve ever stayed in! If you want a Luxury Celebrity Experience in Paris, this is a great place to do it!”

Hotel Danieli Venice Suite 228
“The furnishings in this suite could be a touch more luxurious for this type of accommodation, but they’re very elegant nonetheless.”
Ritz-Carlton Budapest Suite 717
“I’m not really a big fan of Ritz-Carlton… next time I come to Budapest, I’ll be staying somewhere else. I look forward to helping YOU stay in nicer suites than this all over the world — look at my other reviews and you’ll see what I’m talking about!”