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Real Reviews and Testimonials of Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur

Welcome to ClintArthurReviews.com — the #1 place to find a reliable, truthful Clint Arthur review straight from the best source: his own students!

Here, you will find various written and video testimonials from real students who attended Clint Arthur events — and the aftermath of implementing his mentorship.

Clint Arthur Celebrity Reviews

These are ALL truthful testimonials from the Celebrities who have appeared at Clint's events:

Dulce Condé, a Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Grant Cardone client, compares her Clint Arthur experience:

I have worked with Tony Robbins for several years, and I’ve paid more than $200,000/year to work with Tony. And I have worked with Peter Diamandis — who I myself respect and love — and every time I work with him, I have to pay over $50,000. I have worked with Grant Cardone, several trainings, and I have to spend more than $60,000/year to work with him.

So what we are paying to you (Clint & Ali) is nothing… compared to what we get. The difference between all these people and Clint, is that he actually cares, in that very personalized way, to each one of us.

The others are just big name brands — and I love them, I’m grateful to be working with them — but I don’t think they actually know my name!

So I’ve barely spoken to Clint, and when I raised my hand, he said my name. He knows me by name! That means a lot for all of us, because he’s really interested in your success — or my success, in this moment. I didn’t plan to speak, I didn’t want to come here… but after hearing every one of you guys, I do want you to understand that what we get is far more valuable for what we pay.

Dr. Oz: "You are doing the RIGHT THING by being with Clint at his conference"

Clint in his LIVE IN-PERSON event at CNN Center, Atlanta in August 2020, interviewing Dr. Oz one-on-one over Zoom

CLINT: When I got on The Today Show, I got a voicemail at 7:08 a.m.; I hopped on the phone with the producer at 7:11 a.m. Because they’re not waiting for anybody — they’re trying to fill a slot.

DR. OZ. You got it, Clint. Exactly. I don’t care how busy you are — listen, all of you are doing the RIGHT THING by being with Clint at his conference. It’s a wise move. You’re busy, I’m sure you have lots of other things you could’ve done — but YOU MADE TIME!

Nigel Farage, Founder of the Brexit Party: 

“We’re here at the London Stock Exchange, and I’ve just spoken at Clint Arthur’s event. Great event, great people, good fun!”

Invest in mentors, and none are better than us. Debra Bingham replies:
Invest in mentors, and none are better than us. Debra Bingham replies:
Barb Paluskiewicz on Clint Arthur:


R: Clint Arthur training wins chiropractor ROBIN ELLSWORTH NEW BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS with A-List celebrities, Including this testimonial from multiple Oscar & Emmy-winning actress Helen Hunt

Axl Gonzalez on Clint Arthur’s Pulitzer nominated book WISDOM OF THE MEN: “Im almost done with the book!! It’s full of so much insight on life. Which truly appreciate because I grew upwithout any guidance. No father & a single mother who didn’t speak English. I LOVE your book brotha🙏❤️📚 I’m hoping to come out to yalls event in February!! Your story resonates so much with my own man. I could feel your energy and soul on every word in your book. I’m amazed at how beautiful and fulfilling your book is😊”
Robin Ellsworth on her Clint Arthur experience:

Celebrity Launchpad Review: "Clint is the Real Deal!"

“This guy is the REAL DEAL. I’ve given a lot of money to a lot of mentors over the years, and NO ONE has ever gone above and beyond the call of duty the way Clint Arthur has.”

A review of Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad TV media training — with its world-famous guarantee of being booked on at LEAST 3 appearances on real local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or CW news/talk shows, or your money back plus $1,000 — from Dave Nassaney, “The Caregiver’s Caregiver,” Mobil gas station owner and a 4-year student…

Hey everybody, I just wanted to make a quick video about my mentor Clint Arthur. I joined his Celebrity Launchpad about 4 years ago, and I have booked myself on about 35 TV shows doing my Caregiver segment.

And for the last 3 years, he’s been telling me – because I’ve owned a gas station for many many years – he’s been telling me “you gotta do a gas station segment!” And I was like “yeah, you know, uh…”

I don’t know why I did not listen to him, because when I finally did, gas prices were going up to the moon! He came up with a segment, and he says “I’m tellin’ ya, Nassaney – you gotta this segment, it’s going to get you on Good Morning America!” So it perked my attention. He says “Get a moving video of your background at the gas station. If not, then go ahead and film it at the gas station.”

The segment is called “Don’t Be a Chump at the Pump: 5 Mistakes Motorists Make When They Fill ‘er Up.” And he wrote it for me. I did it. I called about 10 producers – one of them booked me. I called another 10 — another one booked me.

I’ve got NINE booked so far, and I am just so excited. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to him. You know — rule number one: ALWAYS listen to Clint! My bad, you know!

I mean, he wrote my script for me; he did the segment proposal that I sent to producers. This guy is the REAL DEAL. I mean, I don’t know any other mentor–I’ve given a lot of money to a lot of mentors over the years, and NO ONE has ever gone above and beyond the call of duty the way Clint Arthur has.

He didn’t have to do everything he did. He didn’t have to stick with me for 3 years telling me “do this … you could do it even better!” And I should have just listened.

Rule number one: always listen to Clint. It’s a painful lesson to learn, but when you get it, you got it!

I am excited, I’ve got more confidence than I ever had — because I’ve been trying to get on Good Morning America, the Today show — but I believe with all my heart now, THIS is the segment that’s going to get me there. So Clint, thank you.

I’m telling you, if you’ve been on the sidelines thinking about “should I do it? Is he the real deal?” This guy has weekly calls that guide you along; he critiques your videos; he gives he tells you what you need to hear, whether you’re ready to hear it or not! And that’s the kind of mentor that I want. I want somebody to push me out of my comfort zone. Because my success is his success!

So if you’re waiting to figure out if you should do it or not, what the heck are you waiting for? You’re just wasting time! I’m telling you, Clint Arthur is the real deal and you should DO IT … and don’t be a chump at the pump while you’re at it!

Jonathan Goldsmith, Dos Equis' "The Most Interesting Man in the World"

At events sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Students’ Club of Harvard Business School

JONATHAN: I’ve done a lot of these over the last 9 years. I have never enjoyed myself more than with Clint. I mean it.

This was an interesting host to say the least; a very innovative and interesting group of entrepreneurs from many different walks of life. It was a treat for me, and that’s why I’m staying for the party.

CLINT: Yeah! Alright! You were awesome — everybody loved you.

Clint Arthur’s Experts Summit at the Harvard Club of Boston

CLINT: Caitlyn Jenner, how’d you like it? Did you have fun?

CAITLYN: Actually… it was a very good group; a lot of fun, a lot of great questions, and I think we accomplished something today. What do you think?

CLINT: I think you made a difference. You were awesome, and we loved having you. Thank you so much.

CAITLYN: It was my pleasure. Thanks for having me here.

LinkedIn Clint Arthur Review of Your Reality Series:

Clint Arthur Speaker Training Reviews

“Hey! It’s Marty Kupper here in New York City, and I’m with Clint and Ali. I’m with my partner, Dana Lam, and we’re the creators of the Surprise Date Challenge.

We’ve been here just 2 hours, and I gotta tell ya: this is the BEST EVENT that I’ve ever been to. Absolutely amazing!”

Q: What’s so great about it?

A: “You know what: the information that I’ve gotten in the first 2 hours… it’s incredible! And I’ve been to a ton of speaker events. 

If you really want to get trained by the pro, come and see Clint & Ali.”

15-year-old gets a BLAST out of Clint's events...

Jonathon Schultheiss reviews Clint Arthur's The Income Doubler:
Elisa Chastaine:
'Clint - You are the greatest mentor & friend! Thanks for seeing the dream and pioneering the way! Much love & gratitude, Maggie ❤️❤️ - Clint, May all your dreams come true this Christmas Season! ...And Always! Oy Vey, it's the Holidays!''Clint - You are the greatest mentor & friend! Thanks for seeing the dream and pioneering the way! Much love & gratitude, Maggie ❤️❤️ - Clint, May all your dreams come true this Christmas Season! ...And Always! Oy Vey, it's the Holidays!'
Clint Arthur gets this review from a client he last talked with in 2016!
Clint Arthur review of his party at the Rainbow Room in New York City:
Clint Arthur CNN Center Review:
Dave Nassaney on Clint Arthur: Dana Davis on Clint Arthur:
Clint Arthur New York Speaker Training Review:

Clint Arthur Student books 63 TV Appearances in 9 Months!

Clint Arthur Acapulco Mastermind Reviews

Dr. Dee’s Intention…

Hey! I’m Deirdre Gormley, “Dr. Dee,” and I’m a Canadian girl livin’ my dream in Southern California.

My intention for this program is to … basically, I look up to the person that I’m following. So I want to follow the lead of my fearless leader — and I think we all want what Clint & Ali have.

So I still have a lot to learn about how my story is going to connect with the rest of my career and what I’m doing, and I’m really excited to find out more!

An MD’s review of Clint Arthur Acapulco masterminds – her 6th event!

Hey, I’m Dr. Rebecca Hunton from the Space Coast of Florida. I’m a medical physician who just finished my SIXTH Clint Arthur event!

Yeah, I know. I have to say: this last one really helped me move from being a regurgitator of medical facts — and trying to persuade patients to change their lifestyle habits — into transforming into stories that they can relate to and that can give them the tools to make the changes to really become healthy.

But more than that, the positioning of being a Celebrity Expert. What Clint really teaches, how to get on TV, how to be “THAT” person in that community, has exponentially grown my practice, and changed who I am and my life — REALLY! — because you don’t see yourself that way when you start with Clint.

And it’s only when he stretches, and pushes and pulls on you & your character, and pushes you to that breakthrough place, that you realize that you really CAN be that superstar.

Clint Arthur Acapulco Mastermind Reviews:
Clint & Ali reviews:
Clint Arthur Mastermind Reviews:

“My biggest takeaway this week was to take care of myself, to like myself. And this week was really eye-opening for me, because as doctors, we don’t really learn to take care of ourselves and envision a good life for ourselves; we always take care of others. So these few days… I’m really starting to like myself, I’m wanting to do good things for myself, and I thank all my friends, and… both of you guys! (Clint & Ali)”

Financial Advisor Eric Couch

Eric: Hey! I'm Eric Couch from Dallas, Texas, and I’m the CEO of ProVision Brokerage.

Clint: Alright – and how was the whole trip down from the USA to Mexico?

Eric: It was pretty good! It was uneventful: we flew from Dallas to Mexico – México City! – and from Mexico City to Acapulco, and they picked us up in a suburban and brought us straight here. It was awesome. I mean, the guy’s holding the sign, it’s got my name on it, so… pretty no-brainer.

Clint: How was the accommodations?

Eric: AWESOME! Yeah, we hit the jackpot on the room. But this place is… it's beyond, BEYOND over the top. I mean … it speaks for itself.

Clint: Cool. How about the food? How was the food this week?

Eric: We had a chef! And yeah -- we're in Acapulco, Mexico, so the food's going to be really good, and it's gonna be Spanish. But this … this wasn't like we're eating enchiladas, and, you know raise the flag, ponchos every night. No. We had lobster, we had a sea bass … we ate like KINGS. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: EVERYTHING was sugar-free, everything was made in-house, including the salad dressings, and … you don't have any crap. You don't have any of the preservatives. Like when we had fish, it was fish. When we had veggies, we had veggies. It wasn't out of a can, it was all handmade.

Clint: Cool. How about the quality of the attendees? What did you think of your fellow mastermind attendees?

Eric: They're awesome. How often does a financial guy get to spend an entire week, and be the only financial guy, much less EVERY single other person is a doctor?

Clint: How about the quality of the materials delivered by the seminar leader? What did you think about that?

Eric: I filled up an entire book, I took lots of notes. The material was fantastic! Some of it I’d heard before, some of it I hadn't, but the reality is, you've GOT to hear it in order for it to sink in. It doesn't sink in the first time -- at least not with me, right? I'm hard-headed. But there was a ton of new information. It gives you a different twist. But the information was fantastic, especially telling our stories -- and I can't say mastering it, because that takes a long time -- but definitely getting started, and wherever anybody was in their process, they're now multiple levels further along. So yeah.

Clint: Compared to other mastermind groups you've gone to or participated in, how did this rank up?

Eric: So other mastermind groups, I’ll tell you: as a whole, I don't go to mastermind groups, because I think most of them are full of crap! I don't put a lot of weight in a lot of groups, because I don't see a lot of value, and I’ve seen so many scams.

I KNEW this would be beneficial. I've been to other stuff that Clint has done. I knew specifically this was going to be helpful, because one of the things I’m focused on is learning to better tell my story -- and that's exactly what this was about. So I KNEW I was going to get benefit before I showed up. And that's EXACTLY what I found, and a lot more!

Clint: Fantastic. There have been a lot of travel advisories from the U.S. State Department for Americans traveling abroad into Mexico. Was there ever a time when you felt unsafe?

Eric: Unsafe? No! We did get some concerning news in advance about friends saying you had to have a COVID test before you showed up -- and come to find out THEY did, because they were going to Guatemala or something. But when I checked online, we didn't have to have that. So there is misinformation. The flight that we were flying from, they ended up canceling that flight. That airline did it; had nothing to do with this event! And we had to make some changes, but everything worked out fine.

I'll tell you, there's going to be stuff that tries to get in your way. That's life! Especially when you're about to move to a different level, there's GOING to be things that get in your way!

You NEED to get here.

Clint: What would you say to a person who's on the fence about participating in one of these masterminds?

Eric: You owe it to yourself. Nobody's going to invest in you. if you're not willing to invest in yourself, you know, as Ice-T told us, and Carnegie told me, nobody wakes up with your dream! You've got to chase it. You've got to go for it, and the benefit of something like this -- because I have done counseling, I’ve done marriage counseling, we've taught it, we've mentored others in that … it's so much EASIER in life when you're not trying to do something by yourself, but when you're in an environment like this, when everybody's on the same page, they're all going in the same direction at the same time and cheering each other on, and we're giving high fives … it's so much easier, much less when you get out of your usual environment, and you know, you turn off your phones, and you’re present. I would encourage you to be present!

But if you're on the fence, man, you're never going to get further than where you're at right now if you're not willing to do more than what you're doing right now. So you just need to take the jump. But you got to believe in yourself!

Maggie Hunts:

I decided to invest in Clint's MBA (Million-Dollar Business Accelerator), and at first I was like "you're going to spend WHAT money on WHO!?" And I was so glad that I have. I'm almost done with the first year, and I'm like looking at the second -- because here's the difference! The difference is when you spend that kind of money, you DO that work.

And that's what I wanted. I wanted somebody who believed in me, had great ideas, and that I could get the work done that I knew to do (but wasn't!) So I finished my book, I put together my coaching packages that I've always known I've wanted to do -- but I DID IT! -- and I've got lots of video, and I'm going to have a sizzle reel, and all kinds of other tools that I need -- because I did the Clint MBA package! 

You can do it TOO and have what you really want... but really have it REAL!

Clint Arthur Dr. Oz CNN Center Reviews

Clint Arthur review by Roy Snarr:
Sherman Ragland's birthday message for Clint:
Maggie Hunts:

Ashley Johnson: Hey, I just saw Paul Nebb speak at Clint’s AT&T event here in Dallas. He did an exceptional job! And I knew him about three years ago… the transition that I’ve seen, just from today’s speech, is PHENOMENAL.

So if you’re looking for a coach or improvement, Clint Arthur is your guy.

Clint Arthur: How has Paul Nebb changed?

Ashley Johnson: He used to be… I shouldn’t say “used to be,” maybe he’s still this way — but he is a guy that was very… shy. And he’s just opened up to everybody, and his demeanor is amazing.

You can really see his heart and feel where he’s coming from, where before you couldn’t see that. And so it’s phenomenal.

Dannie De Novo:

Hey, I’m Dannie De Novo, and I read this book, What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School by Clint Arthur. And I made my brother read it because I loved it so much!

What I have learned from Clint in this book particularly… is just the value of relationships. Not just with other people, but with yourself — and to have a good time with those things, and to continue to enjoy your pursuits with others and with yourself.

Review of Clint Arthur by Janie Becker:
Clint Arthur review by Maggie Hunts:

Hey! I’m Dana — we just finished the morning here at Clint Arthur’s event. This was amazing! I’mma tell you: only a couple of hours, and I’ve learned so much. I cannot wait for the rest of the event!

4x world heavyweight champion “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield was a featured Celebrity at Clint Arthur’s event:

Hey, I’m Evander Holyfield. I just got finished with Clint’s event at the CNN Center. Great work! Thank you.

Dr. Drew Pinsky (Loveline): his experience at Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Entrepreneurs Summit at CNN Center

Clint Arthur: Dr. Drew, what did you think about your experience at the Clint Arthur event?

Dr. Drew: Well, given that Clint Arthur is behind the camera [giggles] —

Clint: No pressure, no pressure!

Dr. Drew: No pressure on me! But in all seriousness, it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I’ve had a long time. And to just be able to speak to our peers, and share these issues, and Clint — you knew exactly where to take it, and what they’re looking for. I’m interested in medicine being more present in the media, and you’re taking this a long way towards that. So thank you!

Joycelyn Elders, 15th Surgeon General of the United States:

I could do this all day every day! It was fun!

Clint: You like this? You want to come back and do another Clint Arthur event?

Dr. Elders: Invite me!

Dr. Marc Siegel, Medical Advisor on Fox News

Clint Arthur: Alright Dr. Marc Siegel, what do you think? How was your experience at the Clint Arthur event?

Dr. Siegel: Clint Arthur himself is fantastic. And he does what I try to do, which is bring out an inner reality that’s based on who you really are.

And he knows that, and he searches for it, and he brings it to people — and then people resonate, and relate to it, and learn how to be what part of that they want to be in order to succeed.

Clint: Would you recommend to other prominent people to accept my invitations to come and speak at my events?

Dr. Siegel: It’s a gentle, heartwarming, really positive experience that you’ll never forget. Do it!

“A new level of Jedi Ninja kind of stuff…”

Hi, my name is Dr. Roger Borbon. I attended Clint Arthur’s “Seven-Figure Speaker Secrets” last night. I can tell you: I’ve spoken to over half a million people over the years, I’ve done lots and lots of training, and this is just… it’s just a whole different level of Jedi ninja kind of stuff — that I’m really really excited about, because I know it’s going to help to empower and move more people. Thanks Clint!

23-year-old entrepreneur Levi McKinley, who works with his dad:

Hey, my name is Levi McKinley. I’m here in Atlanta at the CNN headquarters with Clint Arthur. This is my first event with Clint… and this has been the most productive thing I have done for myself, and the BEST investment I have possibly done for myself in my life to this date.

And I am so thankful, Clint, for you and Ali putting the event on and continuing to just produce the hospitality that you guys do. I’m so very thankful. Thank you!

Kyle Wentworth:

Hey! I'm Kyle Wentworth from Waco, Texas, and this is my first event with Clint Arthur. Took 13 pages of notes... really really great content. The biggest takeaways just fill the page.

Had a really great time meeting new people, making some really great contacts with people here... it'll generate all great new business for me. Definitely a great opportunity!

Kurt Francis, Invigorator:

We've just had the most phenomenal event ever! Clint promised us 21 takeaways... well, I got 153 takeaways written down. That's stuff that really impacted me. I'm not just writing every stuff down -- but stuff that impacted me in a massive massive way.

And Clint was saying stuff... but it should have been a takeaway! And he's just like talking talking... but it should have been a number! it should have been a number! So... 153, baby!

Alexander Velitchko:

Hey! I'm Alexander Velitchko, and I've been attending Clint's events for 2 years. I've been to Harvard, I've been to Nasdaq, I've been to Carnegie Hall, I've done everything except for Celebrity Launchpad... and I'll tell you: this weekend at CNN Center, with Dr. Oz and and Dr. Drew and Evander Holyfield... BEST WEEKEND EVER!

Alexander's dad Arkadi

Clint Arthur: Alright. Your son has been working in my world now for what?

Arkadi: 2.5 years.

Clint: And how do you feel about his progress and what we've achieved together?

Arkadi: Un-fucking-believable! I'm telling you: his confidence level and everything else... and you know what sometimes happens? Even if it happens, I say "hey, if you don't want to listen to me, what if I say what Clint would say in that situation? Would you listen?"

Clint: Worth it?

Alexander and Arkadi: Yes!

Clint: Should parents and their kids?

Arkadi: Yes!

Alexander: I would say that having met Clint just literally half a year after starting our business, knowing him and going to all these events... boy, I don't know WHERE I would be without him!

I just want to say that when I first met Clint, I didn't believe anything he said, that he could possibly come through on what he promised.

But I did give him a chance, and he has come through above and beyond, and I'm glad that I gave him that chance. And I do it again and again!

Thank you so much, Clint and Ali! Had an amazing time! This was more than I expected.

I've been to various conferences and wellness seminars, and... you get some takeaways, but you you go home with, you know, just going back to your normal life.

This? I feel so inspired. Walked away with a book full of notes, and so many connections and new friends and... I just amazing. Thank you so much!

Hey, you know what? The Clint Arthur event here... I had my misgivings, I wasn't quite sure, like, Clint sometimes comes a little hard or whatever -- but he is the real deal. He steps forward.

When you can't do something, he does something. HE MAKES IT HAPPEN. This is real. I'm a neophyte, I'm brand new to this kind of thing, but... you have to trust. You have to let go. You have to believe. And Clint steps forward!

Manny Ventura:

Hey everyone, how you doin'? It's Manny Ventura, and I just wanna let you know -- I ran every single day on 5k, 100 miles for kids born with cleft and craniofacial difference. And if you just take that, that's okay. But if you take what Clint tells you what to do, how to explain & amplify your message... see, just by going through his programs and learning what Clint has to say, I learned how to book myself on ABC6, and NBC10 (twice!)

Clint: What was that from?

Manny: That was from just reading the book, and then--

Clint: Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV.

Manny: Break Through Your Upper Limits. Learning just what Clint has to say, you know.... sometimes it might be the hard way, it might be the easy way! But you figure out your way. And I figured out my way how to do it.

Clint: What else have you read? Celebrity Entrepreneurship? How was that?

Manny: I read Celebrity Entrepreneurship at least 20 times! Probably more than 20 times. Break Through Your Upper Limits, Speaking Game... what else we got... Your Reality Series (that just came out, so check that one out).

Look, just listen to what he says. It works. It works for for-profit, it works for non-profit. I did it for non-profit. I did it for kids that were born just like me with the cleft and craniofacial difference. And you can use it for whatever you want. I used it to raise money for kids.

Clint: Awesome, man. I'm glad I work for you. I really am. It sounds like a really worthy cause, and I'm proud of you.

Manny: Thank you!

Clint: Alright man, thank you.

Thomesa Lydon

Hey Clint and Ali, it's Thomesa here just saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys pulled off almost the impossible. But with you guys, "nothing is impossible!" And kudos to you for pulling it all off. Thanks a lot! Had a great time. I'm tired and I'm heading home. Bye!

Celebrity Launchpad Reviews


Clint Arthur at Win the Storm 2020

"$2 Million to $4 Million in 1 Year," Getting on Prestigious Stages including Carnegie Hall, Upleveling Your Status & Personal Power, and Creating More Impact, Influence & Income

"She completely transformed and I was sooooo moved..."

Princess Maryanne Parker's review of Clint Arthur Living Legends:
Clint Arthur Nasdaq review by Alex Palombo:
Scott Beck Celebrity Launchpad Review (GuaranteedCelebrity.com): So the front page is the part Robin Robbins was showing and giving away to attendees to her Cyber Security Road Show. The talk was about showing credibility and trust to prospects. She specifically mentioned the Nasdaq Jumbotron and referred to the fact I was working with you, giving you a name drop. She held shows in Newark, Boston, Vegas, LA and I forget the 5th ... all with at least 200 IT companies in attendance. All that to say, you got 5 plugs...fingers crossed you have a great producers club meeting next week. If I can be of assistance for you folks next week, let me know. I'll be there. Course, can't have you taking on too many more IT guys and making them superstars... LOL. Loved Celebrity Launchpad. As I mentioned, I know I have the raw talent and some experience. I'm really looking forward to continue to work with you to make my performances better and find that missing gear I feel is there for me to grab. Scott
Clint Arthur WABC Review:
Clint Arthur reviews - Dave Nassaney's speaker sizzle reel:
Captain Rocky Malhotra on Clint Arthur: Alex Jeffreys on Clint: 'I'd normally post this picture with a tagline: Your boy AJ just got booked on 10 TV shows across America 😂😂 Mic Drop 😂😂 However today I'm going to be a little more humble. Firstly I truly want to say THANK YOU to everyone who showed support these past few days. 😅 It's been pretty INTENSE around here... Meeting after meeting with Studio producers was all new to me 👊🏻 so seeing everyone show up with support really helped me stay confident through this process 🙏🏻 I also want to thank Clint Arthur 💙 And his beautiful wife Alison Savitch ❤️ For not only believing in me... But training me... I couldn't have made this work without these both by my side in Atlanta. Now all that said - I'm GOING ON TV 😂😂😂 AJ'
Farah Sultan on Clint Arthur's VIP Extreme Speaker Training: Review of Clint Arthur by Melinda Stallings:

"Clint Arthur opened up the world for me"

Celebrity Entrepreneur Case Study: Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson's Clint Arthur review:
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Clint Arthur Review Blog Article | Blogger & author Zina Hermez documents her experience at Clint Arthur's groundbreaking Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall.

Read her blog here

Zina Hermez on Clint Arthur's Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing:
Zina Hermez on Clint Arthur's Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Carnegie Hall:

See a Review from Clint's Guests on "The Greatest Show of All Time"

Why Does This Home Repair Expert Invest MORE Money than Anyone in Clint Arthur’s Marketing Mentorship?

“Because Clint Arthur is rare.“

Clint: Hey man, we’ve been really spending a lot of time together. We did a Titanium Coaching day in Phoenix, and then we’ve been really together a LOT over the weekend for the Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing; you were an Elite at the highest level with that; you’re doing all my highest-level stuff and investing a lot of money. Why are you doing this? Do you feel like you’re getting the value?

Tony Silva: Like Ice-T said (I got a great opportunity to meet him and talk to him a little bit) — when an opportunity comes, you’ve got to take it, and you’ve got to exploit it. Opportunities don’t just happen. And this is from a guy who knows. I relate to him: he really is ‘nobody’ from ‘nowhere’, just like me, except he was from the ‘hood, and I was from the mountains! But that guy SEIZED the Opportunity.

Why am I doing this? Because I don’t know when or where I will EVER meet (IF) another Clint Arthur. And the probability of that is probably NEVER. They’ll never “make” another Clint Arthur. There’s no guarantee that Clint Arthur will be doing this next YEAR — or next MONTH! He’s an entrepreneur himself!

You guys, you think he NEEDS this? He doesn’t need this! He doesn’t need my signature on the Titanium Coaching! He doesn’t NEED that — he does it because he LOVES IT. He does it because he WANTS to. And I pray he CONTINUES to, because Clint Arthur is the bridge, the good shortcut to fast-forwarding life to a future that you didn’t know was possible.

So why am I doing it? Because Clint is rare. Because Clint is truly an opportunity that, like I said to him when I met him, “I don’t know what I just signed up for but I know it’s gonna be good.” You meet people in life sometimes, and you just KNOW. This was an opportunity, and I took a chance — very low risk, honestly, because you just know when somebody knows what they’re talking about.

So I signed up with him back in February-March, and I just recognized an opportunity that Clint Arthur could be a bridge for me to get from here to somewhere I don’t know, to some ‘unknown better’!

And why do I do the Carnegie Hall Elite stuff? I mean, I just said it on your radio show — I honestly BELIEVE this: you can buy Cheap, and you can buy Twice. If you REALLY want — I mean, you don’t always get the best when you spend the most, but typically you do — and in this case, especially with Elite and all of your maximum offering, it’s really not that much more, and it’s like…. what are you doin’?

I mean, if you’re going to go to a nice restaurant, and you KNOW it’s going to be a few hundred dollars, DON’T GO THERE, unless you can actually afford to buy whatever is on the menu. Because you’re just going to disappoint yourself! Go to some place where you know the maximum spend is $150, so that you can benefit from the maximum of what that offering is.

It’s no different with Clint. I mean, here’s an elite guy. HE IS a unicorn HIMSELF. He may not do it forever, and you’re gonna get the benefit of that Elite higher-level stuff! You just will!

Clint: What about people who come in, and they’re thinking it’s a ‘scam’?

Tony: You know, ‘it’s a scam’… huh! A great mentor of mine, Larry McCracken, he used to say this: “someone who says something like that — and I mean no disrespect — is an ignorant mind expressing itself.” I truly believe that!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being ignorant. I’m not telling, not saying a bad thing about anyone who would say that, no disrespect personally.

But Larry McCracken also used to tell me this: there’s a difference between being ignorant, and being stupid.

Ignorance is just not knowing any better: you just don’t know. And that’s okay! I mean, I’m ignorant about a ton of stuff! I don’t know everything about everything, I am ignorant when it comes to many things.

But I try not to be stupid, because stupid is ‘knowing better’ and doing it anyways.

I would just agree with Larry: if someone says Clint Arthur’s options and offers or whatever are a ‘scam’… it’s an ignorant mind expressing itself. No disrespect, but look, man! You just don’t know — OR, you didn’t use the assets like you were supposed to, and that’s gonna hurt! If that was you, if I’m talking to the guy that EVER says THAT to Clint… you didn’t implement the way you were supposed to.

Too often, in today’s age, I’ve experienced it in my own company. I’ve hired and fired hundreds of people. People have a difficult time taking personal responsibility when they screw up!

Award-Winning Director Shares Her Review of Clint Arthur

Clint Arthur Living Legends Video Reviews

What Celebrities think of Clint: Sydney Biddle Barrows' Clint Arthur review

Sydney Biddle Barrows
Sydney Biddle Barrows' Clint Arthur review part 1
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Elite "Living Legends at Carnegie Hall" Attendees on Clint Arthur

These videos are from Elite-level attendees of the Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing conference at Carnegie Hall, sharing their first-hand, unfiltered testimony of the high-quality experience they receive as Clint Arthur’s highest-level clients.

WHAT does it feel like to debut your speaking career at none other than Carnegie Hall?

Clint Arthur Review by MJ Jenkins:
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Doctor Books Herself on TV with the Help of Clint Arthur — Boosts Her Closing Rate by 20% to 50%

“When I did my presentation 2 days ago, my closing went from 20% to 50% — because the ONLY difference between my previous seminars and THIS seminar, was I said: ‘This week, I’ll be in Virginia on TV; next week, I’ll be in Washington DC on TV. This is why I won’t be able to see you within one week. I’ll see you back in two weeks!’

All because of what I was taught in Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad.”

Entrepreneur Rick Jordan: “Last year, Clint’s events have added $500,000 in New Revenues to My Business”

“Hey! I’m Rick Jordan, host of the ‘All In with Rick Jordan’ podcast. I’m an entrepreneur — and this is my second time being invited by Clint Arthur to speak at the Harvard Club of Boston. I’m going to be back next year!

This is an amazing event where I’m able to network, and it’s just EXPANDING everything I do.

Heck — last year, Clint Arthur’s events have added another $500,000 in revenue to my businesses overall. If you’re not with Clint, you’re missing out!

This gives you the Status to put you in front of your customers & prospects on a much higher level. YOU GOTTA DO IT!”

One of Clint Arthur's testimonials from Dave Nassaney:

How Do You Get to Speak on the World’s Most Prestigious Stages? Know Clint Arthur

“Hey, I’m Sue Mandell, and I have just finished the most amazing event at the Harvard Club of Boston. I spoke HERE at the Harvard Club — and I did that because of Clint Arthur!

The only reason I’m getting the type of Celebrity Attachment right now in my business is because Clint Arthur is holding my hand and taking me every step of the way.

Thank you so much, Clint! I appreciate all you’re doing.”

Review by Greg Hanna of TOSS C3: “Clint is right up there with Zig Ziglar & Jim Rohn”

“Hey! I’m Greg Hanna, and I’m just completing this 3-day SUPER-immersive amazing speaker event as a Celebrity Entrepreneur with Clint Arthur.

Clint is the most AMAZING mentor that I’ve had the privilege of working with in quite a long time — almost in my entire career!

He ranks right up there with the greats: my buddy Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn… Clint is just a phenomenal guy. He has a unique twist and an ability to push you BEYOND where you think you can go.

I can go really, really, really far, and he hasn’t even CLOSELY approached my limits yet. He’ll probably never reach it, but if he does… I know he’ll push me right through it!”

Kenny Atchison: "CLINT ARTHUR's book got me booked on TV in San Antonio—right away!"

“Hey, Kenny Atchison here from CreativeProfitPros.com! I read Clint Arthur’s book, Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV. RIGHT AWAY, I got booked on TV – actually, in a big city, in San Antonio.

To be honest, when I got this book, I thought “you know what? I’ll read it…” Typically in books, you’ll get some good ideas and then they’ll tease you to buy something else.

But I actually READ Clint’s book, and that alone helped me to get on TV. So I appreciate it. Great job!”

Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV by Clint Arthur

Doctor Overcomes Accent Issue and Books Himself on 5 TV Shows – What Does He Say In His Clint Arthur Review?

Hey, I’m Dr. Gil Mejia from Tampa, Florida, and I’m the Medical Director of Rejuvenate Your Life. This is my first Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur.

I’m here in Las Vegas with a lot of CEOs. It was really, really an intense training, and you know what? It’s really good! Because they’re gonna train you under PRESSURE!

Look, I have some issues with my accent. And yet, despite that, I was able to book FIVE TV appearances! Just look at that, man! So, you know… just hang out! Life is short – don’t be cheap. Thank you Clint, and thank you Ali!

Clint Arthur Review by Former NSA President: “Clint Arthur’s coaching is Creme de la Creme”

Hey, I’m Greg Williams, the Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert, and I just attended Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad. 

I’ve been to a lot of coaching programs, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout my career for good training…THIS is something that’s CREME de la CREME – that means ABOVE the rest! That means top shelf for SURE!

Truth be known, right now I’m contemplating opening my wallet again – and I know it’s going to require a lifestyle change for me, because I’m literally all over the world, and now my problem is trying to figure out exactly how I can incorporate what it is that I have learned just at THIS event, such that I could take my life to even higher heights.

But what’s most important to me, is I’m creating a LEGACY for my kids, and I see this as a path upon which I can sail higher, and at the same time give them MORE from which they can sail higher too.

I’m telling you, straight up, seriously, this thing, the Celebrity Launchpad that Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali have created, is above the rest. It is truly above the rest!

Clint Arthur Harvard Reviews: Meeting Caitlyn Jenner at one of Clint’s Harvard events created results in 5 MINUTES…

“Hey, I’m Rondi Lambeth, and I just spoke here at the Harvard Club of Boston, where I got to be on stage with Caitlyn Jenner.

I posted my photo with Caitlyn Jenner to Instagram and Facebook, and within FIVE MINUTES, I had a member of the NFL Retired Players Association reach out to me asking if I would come and speak to ALL of the retired NFL players.

So if you get a chance to hook up with Clint Arthur at one of his events, I highly recommend that you do it!”

When You Come To Clint’s Events, You Receive Support Networking with Like-Minded People….

“Hey, I’m Jaina Jordan! This is my first time here at Harvard Club of Boston, and it was amazing! I got to meet so many people who are actually going to start helping me grow my coaching business.

I came here with my husband to support him — but in reality, I actually got my OWN personal growth out of all this.

Thanks to Clint Arthur and his wife Ali, they’re totally supportive of spouses who just come here to see what it’s all about. Because Clint & Ali allowed that to happen, I got to see what it’s all about — and now, I get to start my OWN journey of personal growth!”

Clint Arthur Marketing Review by Rudi Pijnnaken:
How Sandi Masori endorses Clint Arthur's book What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School:
Matthew Loop with Clint Arthur:

Compliance Lawyer Reviews a Clint Arthur Harvard Event: “I was a little suspicious — but Clint is the REAL DEAL”

“Hey, I’m Gaye Montgomery, and I am speaking from the Harvard Club of Boston. I first met Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali a week ago, and Clint’s creative approach to Authority Marketing … frankly, as a lawyer, I was a little suspicious.

Clint’s promises kind of made me go, “Really!? REALLY!?!?” But by the time I left that meeting, I was fully persuaded.

Now, as I am finishing up 3 days at the Harvard Club of Boston… Clint and Ali are the REAL DEAL. They have created such a unique community of business leaders who somehow coalesced into a supportive, encouraging, non-competitive group, like none I have EVER seen before.

I came into this thinking “Really!? Can this be REAL???” — and it’s realI highly recommend Clint Arthur’s programs.

Harvard Club with Clint Arthur creates tremendous personal growth for a young man’s future

“Here I am at another absolutely fabulous Clint & Ali event at the Harvard Club of Boston. This time, though, it was EXTRA special — and there’s a whole lot of specialness that comes with it, because I came with my son Jordan Lee, who, after graduating from Yale College in 2017, is now off to his permanent job at MacKenzie.

One of the things that’s been really important to me is to make sure that his *business education* is not only well grounded, but also multifaceted. To learn from a master — and Clint Arthur really IS a master — how to literally make something out of whole cloth, into something that is in high demand, that sells at Premium Prices… that’s a good education for a young man!

I have worked hard to get him to rely not on even a FABULOUS job opportunity, but to rely more on his own ability to see Opportunity, create Wealth, and in the process, help others to do the same.

And that’s why the Clint Arthur Harvard experience was worth it to me.

Thankfully, my son got smart, and it was worth it to him to come here and learn. It’s been FABULOUS, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous… I am now thinking about my NEXT child!”

Matt Brauning 2nd Time at Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad: “Booked Another 6 Appearances”

Hey! I’m Matt Brauning, speaker/author/coach. I run my own training and seminar companies, and I’ve done so for 15 years. I’ve hired a lot of coaches – in fact, I hire a coach every single year – and this year, I hired Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali. Clint started off as my media coach…and I love it! It was the best thing I ever did, especially this year.

This is my second time coming back to Celebrity Launchpad. On my first Celebrity Launchpad, I booked 6 appearances – and I ended up getting EIGHT after all, because Ali and Clint helped me (and they actually care!)

This is my 2nd time coming back, and I booked another SIX – and it’ll probably turn into 8 or 9, so that means I’m gonna be in the range of like 15 TV appearances on NBC/ABC/CBS – and I got 2 or 3 Fox bookings just today! So super excited about that!

The biggest thing I want to say is… Clint, Ali, thank you. You are the only coaches TRULY that I’ve had in the last 15 years that I can unequivocally say *care* more than I do about my success – and I care a lot! I’ve made more money because of it, I’ve raised my coaching rates because of the TV appearances, and all the way through it’s been consistent!

I’ve also done other speaking gigs: I’ve spoken at Harvard Club with them, Nasdaq, and the New York City Bar. Every step of the way, whether it’s the video production, or how they lay out the event, or the schedule, the timing, the communication … it’s consistent, it’s professional – and like I said, they care, and I get the results because of it. Thanks Clint & Ali!

Cardi B’s Dentist Returns to Celebrity Launchpad: “If you don’t do this with Clint, you’re crazy!”

Hey guys! This is Dr. Catrise Austin, The Queen of Smiles™! I am here in Las Vegas for the 2nd time of my Celebrity Launchpad – Clint & Ali are SO amazing, and this program is amazing!  

I did this program in 2017, and I’m back because I just wanted to take this thing to another level.

Sometimes, you do things and you kind of slack off, or you don’t implement. THIS time, I wanted to come back, I have a new product, I’ve restructured my business – and THIS TIME, I did even BETTER than the first time, because I had the training, and I was able to implement everything I’ve learned over the last 2 years.  

If you’re out there, and you’ve done it once, and you’re thinking about doing it again but you’re not sure, let me tell you: this thing is ALWAYS evolving! My 1st Celebrity Launchpad was totally different from this one.

So if you’re thinking about it, DO IT! I booked MORE shows this time, and I’m so excited to get out there and become even MORE of a superstar than I am today. I want to thank you, Clint & Ali, for being a dynamic duo and transforming my life. Love you guys! 

You guys, if YOU don’t do Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur, YOU’RE CRAZY!

Financial Advisor 2X’ed His Business with Clint Arthur

“Hey Clint! Since speaking at Nasdaq, my tax & financial strategy business has doubled. Thanks, Clint!”

Lisa Good: “Clint ALWAYS over-delivers!”

“IT WAS GREAT! As always! Clint Arthur always over-delivers and makes a FABULOUS event for everyone. If you haven’t come yet… shame on you!

And if you REALLY want to up your game and you want to see Dr. Oz, your butt better be in the Harvard seat in 2020!”

“Clint’s approach is very unorthodox — but it works!” - Roofer Edwin Leonardo

“I met Clint Arthur at Win The Storm in February — and honestly, his approach is very different, it’s very unorthodox… but it WORKS!

You know what: not only that, I also grew as an entrepreneur, I grew as a person… and I’m here at Harvard Club!

I mean, what can I say!? This really WORKS! I’m a believer — and so should YOU!”

Clint Arthur’s Experts Summit at Harvard Club of Boston: “The Most Intense Sky-Rocketing Event”

Olga Voloshina: “Signing up for Clint Arthur’s Experts Summit at Harvard Club was the SCARIEST decision we’ve ever made… but it’s the most amazing, the most INTENSE sky-rocketing event that is just full of energy!

If you don’t feel any better after this event, I don’t know what else can make you feel better — but this was A-MA-ZING because of Clint. He actually wrote my speech! I thought I had no stories… but he got MY story for me!

It was just really really great. We had an amazing time. It’s the scariest moment of my life, but it was GREAT. And by the way, getting with Clint Arthur and speaking here is very ADDICTIVE! I wanna do it again…and again…and again…”

Clint Arthur as reviewed by Peng Joon: “Got a message and want to share it with more people? WORK WITH CLINT!”

“Hey, it’s Peng Joon here, and I decided to come and speak at NASDAQ, because Clint Arthur is AMAZING at creating experiences.

Look, I’ve spoken at a lot of different stages all over the world. But the 1 thing that Clint has always delivered is creating these Experiences that will last a long time!

If you have a message and a voice, and you feel compelled to share the message within you, and you want to be able to reach more people, have more Impact, Influence and Income, you’ve gotta work with Clint.”

A Dan Kennedy Titanium Member: “Clint Arthur, you’re the BEST!”

Hey, I’m Monica Main, and I’m a long time Dan Kennedy Titanium member – and I have to say coming into Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad is really actually transforming!

I came in kind of like as a wallflower, not really sure what to do… and I really kind of came out of my own element. It was originally kind of uncomfortable, but this is really transformational!

I’ve been hiring a publicist, $5,000 a month, and what a WASTE of money that is – so I decided to come here, take the bull by the horns, do it myself, and really… this is gonna be life-changing for me. You’re going to see me on TV everywhere!

I have such high hopes for this. I’m so so glad that I came. Thank you so much Clint – you’re the best!

Clint Arthur Celebrity Launchpad: Real Estate Expert books himself on 8 network TV shows

Just graduated from Celebrity Launchpad… and I didn’t really know what to expect. I know the power of TV. I have a podcast and there’s a ton of stuff that I do online – but I REALLY value the opportunity to get on TV.

I got booked on 8 different networks, which is really exciting, and after being here, and being around other people that have been around Clint for a while & have been through Celebrity Launchpad before, I understand more than EVER the value of getting on TV and what that can do for my business, and what it can allow me to do to impact the world in my industry.

Super excited to have officially graduated, and excited to start making some TV appearances. Thanks Clint!

“Clint’s Celebrity Launchpad Got Me Booked by a Producer in a Top-3 Market”

Clint: Chavous Camp, you came to Celebrity Launchpad & observed a year ago, and now, you finally went through it. How do you feel? 

Chavous Camp: I feel A-MAZ-ING! I got booked today by not 1, not 3… SIX (6) producers, including one in a TOP-3 market! It’s amazing!

If you’re thinking about coming to Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad, you absolutely NEED to come.

Have a few moments of GUTS – and SIGN UP TO-DAY!

Clint Arthur Celebrity Entrepreneur mentorship got me the most views I’ve ever had on LinkedIn”

“Hey, Will Nobles here. I actually posted my Jimmy Carter photo on LinkedIn, and I’ve got the MOST views I’ve ever had of any post I ever did on LinkedIn – thank you Clint!”

“You can’t compare this Clint Arthur marketing event to anything else!”

Hey, I’m Leon Brie. I just graduated from Celebrity Launchpad, and I thought it was… awesome! Perfect! Nothing like I’ve experienced before!

Clint delivers and OVER-delivers, it’s just… you know, you can’t compare his event to anything else!

Doctor Graduates Clint Arthur Celebrity Launchpad: “Booked 11 Out of 12 Shows – TV’s Not Dead!”

Hey, I’m Dr. Ana-Maria Temple and I am a member of Freedom Practice Coaching. I am here at Celebrity Launchpad – this has been an absolutely A-MAZ-ING experience!

It was about almost a year ago when I saw Clint Arthur on stage talking about this opportunity. I didn’t know what to make of it, I wasn’t sure… and THEN, he put up a whole slideshow of these FABULOUS doctors that are doing these amazing things and CRUSHING it in the market. I said, “I’m gonna beat THEM one day” — and that’s only been a few months ago! I signed up with Clint.  

My other dream was, I need to be on TV, because *I know* a lot of people think “social media is the thing…” but TV’s Not Dead, folks! I was like “I’m gonna be on TV” – ‘cause if it’s on TV, people BELIEVE it, and they change!  

I signed up with Clint Arthur – and here I am at Celebrity Launchpad #44 in Las Vegas. I’ve booked 11 out of 12 shows, including the BIGGEST markets in the country, like LA, Chicago, Orlando, which is national syndicated TV – because I’m taking over the world with Clint Arthur’s help!  

If you think that you don’t need this, you’re FOOLING yourself! It is great to have business coaches – *absolutely* they’ve taught me a million things that I need to do… Clint Arthur brings in the Marketing that takes your business to the next level. So don’t even think about it: Sign Up. It’s been a game-changer.

Doctor Returns to Clint Arthur’s Speaker Training – Closing Rate Jumped from 30% to 60%

Hey, I’m Dr. Minni Malhotra, and I’m here at Clint Arthur’s Extreme VIP Speaker Training.

Now, what brought me back here? 1 year ago, I was closing less than 30% in my dinner seminars. Today, I’m closing more than 60%! – because of the training Clint has given me, because of speaking at big events including the Harvard Club of Boston, Nasdaq, West Point, Mercedes, Coca-Cola… you name it!… and I even signed up for the NEXT 3 events!

So if you are looking to change your business, if you’re looking to bring your business to the next level, This Is Where You Have To Be! Thank you, Clint!

Matt Brauning 2X’es Prices & Sales Thanks to Clint Arthur

After this event, I went and did my first 5 appearances – cause I was shocked that all the producers emailed back and said “great!” – and they actually wanted to HAVE me! The little voice inside my head said “they’re not gonna want me…” but they all said YES.

After I got my first 5 appearances done, I immediately deployed it. The way I did it: sure, I put it on the website and YouTube and everything… but ONE of the things I did, is if you speak or teach or coach or anything at all for a living, which I know a lot of us do, I made one slide in my PowerPoint, my next presentation, where I just put 5 clips, just screen grabs of me on NBC/ABC/CBS – and I put those on.

Now, in my PowerPoint, when I say “Who am I?” I say “here’s the picture of me with selfies … and here’s a picture of me with my family … “ and then I go “OH – and I do TV and media all the time and I have a picture of me on TV” – BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM…

I took my OWN elite package pricing — and DOUBLED IT. Usually I sell one package, maybe two… I sold FOUR at that event, so not only did I double the amount of sales, I also doubled the DOLLAR amount of sales … which came out to a $200,000 difference in revenue.

I believe that was 100% because Clint pushed me to deploy the TV assets, and I’m glad I did.

Tony Robbins grad gets “butterflies” from Clint Arthur’s training

“I did my first event with Clint & Ali on February 11, 2019. September 11 will be my 7th month-versary with Clint & Ali – and at that first Clint Arthur Nasdaq event, there were 40-something people in the room. I was sitting at the first row, then I was in the second row, and then I was in the LAST row… and as the day went on I was getting more & more petrified!

Finally, Ali said to me “you’re next after this one” – and I was all excited! I’m like “I’m gonna crush this!” I practiced a lot, I was so excited, I did my Tony Robbins Power Move… I went up there and Clint says:

“… the president and founder of Toss C3 Corporation, GREG HANNA!”

and as I’m walking up there, I felt like a baby… my knees were knocking!… I mean I was SO SCARED! I thought I was gonna throw up, pass out, I didn’t know what was gonna happen, I almost faltered!

But SOMEHOW, I made it to the podium, and I got through it. I can tell you now, today, well sure – “you still get a little butterflies!” Right? As Clint says… Elvis said: “Honey, every time I get up on stage, I still feel them butterflies."

So anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’ve stretched way outside my comfort zone. and it was a great night last night, and we went to some amazing places with some amazing friends — we’ve had an amazing time, and I learned a lot about a lot of you. But don’t worry – it’s still in Vegas, and it’ll Stay in Vegas!”

Matt Brauning 2X’es Prices & Sales Thanks to Clint Arthur

Taxanista, Angela Sticca-Snyder, gets booked in one of the toughest markets, Los Angeles...

I now have the courage and the desire and the “who-am-I?”… I’m a BAD-ASS! And I got LA! This time at Celebrity Launchpad is TONS DIFFERENT than my first time.

My first segment was “Creative Budget Structures for the Holidays.” WOOOOOAHHH… I got booked on almost every segment.

You know what, guys? That just shows you that Performance is more important than the topic, I think, because – I don’t know, it was a great topic – but I GOT BOOKED!

Titanium has really helped, because – I’m booked in LA. There is NO FREAKING WAY I am going to LA WITHOUT CLINT ARTHUR. That’s not happening… unless I’m, like, a rock star by then. But I want that security – because if you bomb in LA… holy CRAP! That would be *reaaaaaallly bad.*

For Clint Arthur’s Titanium Coaching, there’s always a way to make things work – because as everybody sits around with their ‘this,’ or their Starbucks, or their WHATEVER – if you want something bad enough (and I’m a lady about money!), money should never be something that stands in your way.

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As Featured On ABC, NBC, CBS & FOXClint Arthur Has Spoken At NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, the New York City Bar, West Point Military Academy, and Harvard Club of Boston

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