Doctor Books Herself on TV with the Help of Clint Arthur — Boosts Her Closing Rate by 20% to 50%

“When I did my presentation 2 days ago, my closing went from 20% to 50% — because the ONLY difference between my previous seminars and THIS seminar, was I said: ‘This week, I’ll be in Virginia on TV; next week, I’ll be in Washington DC on TV, and this is why I won’t be able to see you within one week. I’ll see you back in two weeks!’ All because of what I was taught in Clint Arthur’s Celebrity Launchpad.”

Entrepreneur Rick Jordan: “Last year, Clint’s events have added $500,000 in New Revenues to My Business”


“Hey! I’m Rick Jordan, host of the ‘All In with Rick Jordan’ podcast. I’m an entrepreneur — and this is my second time being invited by Clint Arthur to speak at the Harvard Club of Boston. I’m going to be back next year! This is an amazing event where I’m able to network, and it’s just EXPANDING everything I do. Heck — last year, Clint Arthur’s events have added another $500,000 in revenue to my businesses overall. If you’re not with Clint, you’re missing out! This gives you the Status to put you in front of your customers & prospects on a much higher level. YOU GOTTA DO IT!”

One of Clint Arthur's testimonials from Dave Nassaney: "Clint, I really love you man! What a great interview. I don’t remember ever hearing that story about you and Ali ‘s marriage being on the rocks and spending $30,000 in counseling, what a great story, what a great testimony to your commitment to each other. You really have changed my life, and I will forever be grateful, you have given me a new mindset, I don’t think the same way anymore, I don’t act the same way anymore, and if you ask me what is the most important thing that I have learned, that you have taught me, it is that tomorrow is not promised. I am living today as if it was my last day. Thank you for that brother. You’re taking me on a journey that has been the most exciting part of my life, who would’ve ever thought that it was possible for the the last years of our lives, the golden years, the final homestretch, can be this good, you are awesome! And Ali, I love you too!!!!!"

How Do You Get to Speak on the World’s Most Prestigious Stages? Know Clint Arthur

“Hey, I’m Sue Mandell, and I have just finished the most amazing event at the Harvard Club of Boston. I spoke HERE at the Harvard Club — and I did that because of Clint Arthur! The only reason I’m getting the type of Celebrity Attachment right now in my business is because Clint Arthur is holding my hand and taking me every step of the way. Thank you so much, Clint! I appreciate all you’re doing.”

Review by Greg Hanna of TOSS C3: “Clint is right up there with Zig Ziglar & Jim Rohn”


“Hey! I’m Greg Hanna, and I’m just completing this 3-day SUPER-immersive amazing speaker event as a Celebrity Entrepreneur with Clint Arthur. Clint is the most AMAZING mentor that I’ve had the privilege of working with in quite a long time — almost in my entire career! He ranks right up there with the greats: my buddy Zig Ziglar, and Jim Rohn… Clint is just a phenomenal guy. He has a unique twist and an ability to push you BEYOND where you think you can go. I can go really, really, really far, and he hasn’t even CLOSELY approached my limits yet. He’ll probably never reach it, but if he does… I know he’ll push me right through it!”

Meeting Caitlyn Jenner at one of Clint’s Harvard events created results in 5 MINUTES…

“Hey, I’m Rondi Lambeth, and I just spoke here at the Harvard Club of Boston, where I got to be on stage with Caitlyn Jenner. I posted it to Instagram and Facebook, and within FIVE MINUTES, I had a member of the NFL Retired Players Association reach out to me asking if I would come and speak to ALL of the retired NFL players. So if you get a chance to hook up with Clint Arthur at one of his events, I highly recommend that you do it!”

When You Come To Clint’s Events, You Receive Support Networking with Like-Minded People….


“Hey, I’m Jaina Jordan! This is my first time here at Harvard Club of Boston, and it was amazing! I got to meet so many people who are actually going to start helping me grow my coaching business. I came here with my husband to support him — but in reality, I actually got my OWN personal growth out of all this. Thanks to Clint Arthur and his wife Ali, they’re totally supportive of spouses who just come here to see what it’s all about. Because Clint & Ali allowed that to happen, I got to see what it’s all about — and now, I get to start my OWN journey of personal growth!”

How Sandi Masori endorses Clint Arthur's book What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School: "Look what my kid packed to take to Berkeley with him?"
Matthew Loop with Clint Arthur: "Hanging out with the one and only Clint Arthur! We invited him to speak this year and he lit up the stage. Our #SMRS19 attendees loved his presentation on celebrity branding and they also got access to a special VIP opportunity. When you understand the science and art of positioning at the highest level, everything gets easier. You become the only logical choice no matter how crowded the market is. Status elevation is the one thing so many overlook and yet it’s arguably the most powerful thing you can do to build authority in ANY market."

Compliance Lawyer Reviews a Clint Arthur Harvard Event: “I was a little suspicious — but Clint is the REAL DEAL”


“Hey, I’m Gaye Montgomery, and I am speaking from the Harvard Club of Boston.

I first met Clint Arthur and his lovely wife Ali a week ago, and Clint’s creative approach to Authority Marketing…

…frankly, as a lawyer, I was a little suspicious.

Clint’s promises kind of made me go, “Really!? REALLY!?!?” But by the time I left that meeting, I was fully persuaded.

Now, as I am finishing up 3 days at the Harvard Club of Boston… Clint and Ali are the REAL DEAL. They have created such a unique community of business leaders who somehow coalesced into a supportive, encouraging, non-competitive group, like none I have EVER seen before.

I came into this thinking “Really!? Can this be REAL???” — it’s real! I highly recommend Clint Arthur’s programs.

Harvard Club with Clint Arthur creates tremendous personal growth for a young man’s future


“Here I am at another absolutely fabulous Clint & Ali event at the Harvard Club of Boston. This time, though, it was EXTRA special — and there’s a whole lot of specialness that comes with it, because I came with my son Jordan Lee, who, after graduating from Yale College in 2017, is now off to his permanent job at MacKenzie.

One of the things that’s been really important to me is to make sure that his *business education* is not only well grounded, but also multifaceted. To learn from a master — and Clint Arthur really IS a master — how to literally make something out of whole cloth, into something that is in high demand, that sells at Premium Prices… that’s a good education for a young man! I have worked hard to get him to rely not on even a FABULOUS job opportunity, but to rely more on his own ability to see Opportunity, create Wealth, and in the process, help others to do the same.

And that’s why the Clint Arthur Harvard experience was worth it to me. Thankfully, my son got smart, and it was worth it to him to come here and learn. It’s been FABULOUS, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous… I am now thinking about my NEXT child!”

Financial Advisor 2X’ed His Business with Clint Arthur


“Hey Clint! Since speaking at Nasdaq, my tax & financial strategy business has DOUBLED. Thanks, Clint!”

Lisa Good: “Clint ALWAYS over-delivers!”

“IT WAS GREAT! As always! Clint Arthur always over-delivers and makes a FABULOUS event for everyone. If you haven’t come yet… shame on you! And if you REALLY want to up your game and you want to see Dr. Oz, your butt better be in the Harvard seat in 2020!”

“Clint’s approach is very unorthodox — but it works!”


“I met Clint Arthur at Win The Storm in February — and honestly, his approach is very different, it’s very unorthodox… but it WORKS! You know what: not only that, I also grew as an entrepreneur, I grew as a person… and I’m here at Harvard Club! I mean, what can I say!? This really WORKS! I’m a believer — and so should YOU!”

Experts Summit at Harvard Club of Boston: “The Most Intense Sky-Rocketing Event”


Olga Voloshina: “Signing up for Clint Arthur’s Experts Summit at Harvard Club was the SCARIEST decision we’ve ever made… but it’s the most amazing, the most INTENSE sky-rocketing event that is just full of energy! If you don’t feel any better after this event, I don’t know what else can make you feel better — but this was A-MA-ZING because of Clint. He actually wrote my speech! I thought I had no stories… but he got MY story for me!

It was just really really great. We had an amazing time. It’s the scariest moment of my life, but it was GREAT. And by the way, getting with Clint Arthur and speaking here is very ADDICTIVE! I wanna do it again…and again…and again…”

“Got a message and want to share it with more people? WORK WITH CLINT!”

“Hey, it’s Peng Joon here, and I decided to come and speak at NASDAQ, because Clint Arthur is AMAZING at creating experiences. Look, I’ve spoken at a lot of different stages all over the world — but the 1 thing that Clint has always delivered is creating these Experiences that will last a long time! If you have a message and a voice, and you feel compelled to share the message within you, and you want to be able to reach more people, have more Impact, Influence and Income, you’ve gotta work with Clint.”
As Featured On ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX
Clint Arthur Has Spoken At NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, the New York City Bar, West Point Military Academy, and Harvard Club of Boston

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Category: Business | Published: August 18, 2019

Mark Simone, legendary multi-decade NYC radio personality, is now a Featured Speaker at Clint Arthur’s “Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing” this September at Carnegie Hall, the venue’s first-ever entrepreneurial conference, and will share “Secrets of Becoming a Regular Recurring Guest on Radio and TV”

Clint Arthur Hosts Carnegie Hall’s First Entrepreneurial Conference & Award Show

Category: Business | Published: August 3, 2019

Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur is the host of “Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing” at Carnegie Hall on Sept 26-28, the venue’s first-ever entrepreneurial seminar, and also the industry’s largest award show for business leaders

Clint Arthur Featured in New California Business Journal Article

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Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur is profiled in a new CalBizJournal article about his “Celebrity Transformation” experience for entrepreneurs and experts

Dan Kennedy and Walter O’Brien to Be Guests on “The Greatest Show of All Time”

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Clint Arthur’s “The Greatest Show of All Time” on 77 WABC Radio to feature Dan S. Kennedy and Walter O’Brien as guests, sharing the importance of mentorship and the “Mathematical Formula for Success”

Steve Larsen Invited to Speak at “Living Legends” at Carnegie Hall

Category: Business | Published: June 5, 2019

Stephen Larsen, Russell Brunson’s #1 Funnel Hacker, to share offer-creating expertise at “Clint Arthur Presents: Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing” at Carnegie Hall, September 2019